The need to introduce your children to a dentist Navan

Tuesday, 3rd January, 2023

We all want the absolute best for our children, after all, they are very precious, part of the family unit that many of us believe make our lives complete and that turn the houses we live in into our homes. One of the main things that we all want for any children that we care for is to ensure we do everything we possibly can to allow them to grow into strong and healthy young adults. This leads us to make certain that they eat a healthy diet and that we teach them all the different ways that they can care for their bodies.

We all teach our children about the importance of taking care of their oral health and hygiene needs by brushing their teeth and gums twice a day, many of us go to great lengths to ensure that they are doing so. But, we also know that this is not the only way for us to help our children to grow with healthy teeth and gums, as there will always be times when we feel that the best course of action is to seek professional advice and intervention.

At Navan Dental, we want to help every parent we can to show their children why it is important for them to engage with a dentist Navan, as this will always be the best way for them to maintain high standards in their personal oral health and hygiene.

Relaxed and welcoming environment

As a thoughtful dentist Navan, we are aware that there are many questions and concerns in each parent's mind when they are trying to decide when best to introduce their children to the environment of the dental practice, we would like to try to address some of these for you.

The first question many parents have is will they find our dental practice a child-friendly environment to take their children to? The simple answer is yes, as we feel our practice is welcoming to all and that there is a need to make your children feel comfortable and secure when they visit us.

Our team will always treat your children in a way that is respectful to them, coming across as warm and understanding at all times when talking to them. If you find that your child is nervous about their visit please mention this to our reception staff as we will endeavour to find a member of our staff to sit down with you and your child for a chat where the child can be encouraged to talk about and work through any thoughts that are making them feel anxious or nervous.

It is important that when you first introduce your child to the dental practice that they know that no one will make them do anything that they do not want to do, our staff will allow your children all the time they need to make the positive choice to engage with our team of dental professionals.

The big question

The biggest question that many parents have is, at what age should they introduce a child to a dentist Navan? To which there is no right or wrong answer. We would normally suggest that the parents simply trust their own judgement as you know your own child better than anyone else, meaning you should know when they are ready to visit our practice for the first time. It might help to know that we also accept medical card patients.

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