What are dental implants and when do you need them?

Tuesday, 10th November, 2020

Tooth decay

The oral cavity contains a variety of bacterial species. This is no reason to worry, as these species make up the natural microbiome of the oral cavity. These bacteria mostly feed on the sugars left in the mouth and on the teeth after a meal. As a side product of their metabolism these bacteria produce simple organic acids. As modern diets often contain a lot of sugar, this serves as a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria, which can result in their overgrowth. The acids produced can dissolve some of the teeth’s mineral content, which may eventually lead to tooth decay. Tooth decay if left untreated can cause a variety of complications including tooth loss. If you have been affected by tooth loss consider getting dental implants Navan with us.

What else causes tooth loss?

Besides tooth decay, gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Gum disease occurs similarly to tooth decay. Gum disease is mostly caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity. These bacteria can be perceived as invaders by our immune systems, which can result in chronic inflammation. In the early stages, gingivitis is reversible. Later, the chronic inflammation can damage the gum tissue and the tissues surrounding teeth, which can result in loose teeth. Loose teeth can eventually fall out. When gingivitis turns into periodontitis, the prognosis is much worse and some irreversible damage could have occurred. Another leading cause of tooth loss is injury. Dental injury in some cases can result in teeth getting knocked out. Certain sports or activities can come with an increased risk of dental injury. These include rugby, martial arts, football, etc. and occupations in the transport industry or in security services. Try wearing a mouth guard to prevent dental injury. However if you have already incurred tooth loss and if you would like to get dental implants Navan, visit our practice, Navan Dental. We have the experience and expertise to get your life back on track again with a restored smile you can be proud of.

What are dental implants and how do they work?

Dental implants are an innovative way of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are special, screw-like appliances surgically inserted into the jawbone to serve as a fixing point for artificial teeth. They are made out of a special metal called titanium, which has the ability to be perceived by our body as if it was our own tissue. This allows titanium dental implants to integrate into the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Appropriately integrated dental implants last for a very long time. Implants are very durable and resilient, some patients even report that they feel as if the implants were stronger than their natural teeth. It is important to note that if a tooth is lost, the bone and the surrounding tissue starts to disintegrate. It is crucial to get dental implants as soon as possible, as early treatment can significantly increase the likelihood of success. Dental implants also strengthen and keep the bone tissue surrounding them healthy, as they are perceived by our body as if they were natural roots of teeth. If you would like to get dental implants Navan, we would be privileged to be entrusted with your dental care.

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