Why it is important to see the dentist regularly

Tuesday, 7th December, 2021

Most patients have heard that they need to visit a dentist Navan every six months or at least ensure to attend an oral health check once a year. Few patients wonder or ask why this is necessary. We at Navan Dental believe that reflecting on why these regular check-ups are necessary goes a long way to helping patients meet this vital dental health obligation.

Patients will find that scheduled visits to the dentist Navan for check-ups work to their advantage in a number of ways. The first and foremost opportunity is for our dentist Navan to take preventive action.

Understanding the need for preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry involves taking a positive proactive approach to oral health. In the past, patients would normally visit a dental practitioner only to treat any oral health issue. This approach often meant patients having to first suffer excruciating dental pain and discomfort before they sought professional care.

With preventive dental care, the focus moves away from treating problems to preventing problems. Dental authorities have discovered that many of the oral health problems experienced by patients are preventable. Cavities and dental decay are common examples. Preventive techniques such as the scale and polish (carried out routinely)) and fillings work well to stop tooth decay in its tracks.

Our dentist will use these routine check-up appointments to carry out important checks (physical examination of the mouth) to look out for troubling signs that point to a developing problem. Once these signs are detected, our dentist will be able to take steps to stop the further progress of the problem.

From a patient’s perspective preventive dental care earns its relevance, as this approach also protects the patient from having to spend money on treating major dental problems that bear a heavy price tag. It is a well-known fact that minor dental problems are easier and less expensive to treat.

Benefits of regular dental check-ups

Patients learn how to avoid indulging in bad lifestyle habits that have a negative effect on their oral health. A dental practitioner can offer reliable advice and guidance on how to better take care of your teeth and gums by avoiding habits such as smoking, and eating balanced healthy meals instead of reaching for sugar-laden snacks and beverages, as well as the proper brushing and flossing techniques to employ.

Patients can get screened for dental diseases.  Mouth cancers are a lesser known dental disease that can have fatal consequences if not diagnosed and treated in its early stages. A routine part of a dental check-up is to have a dentist examine the mouth area for symptoms of oral cancer.

Keep on top of gum health. Gum diseases go largely undetected by patients as they are often not aware of exactly what signs to pay attention to. Our dentist has the relevant set of skills and is armed with appropriate tools to be able to accurately determine problems with gums. Gum disease is another type of dental disease that needs early intervention for successful treatment.

Regular dental check-ups are definitely worth the time and effort. Scheduling an appointment is easy – simply give our friendly front desk team a call. Our surgery is a dental practice that welcomes patients with medical cards such as the Irish NHS.

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