You can gain beautifully aligned teeth with orthodontics Navan

Tuesday, 10th January, 2023

If you are living with crooked or misaligned teeth you will be fully aware of the difficulties that this condition can create within your oral health and hygiene standards on a daily basis, this can make trying to achieve a high standard in your oral hygiene an uphill struggle at times. You may find that you are living with some discomfort or pain in your mouth that can make carrying out common oral tasks hard work. This can have a major effect on your ability to eat comfortably or communicate in a way where you feel you are fully understood.

One of the major difficulties that many patients who live with misaligned teeth report to us is the lack of power and strength within their bite, this can make it difficult for them to bite and chew their food sufficiently, especially tougher foods such as steak. If this is something that you feel you suffer from then you should know that having your teeth perfectly aligned using orthodontics Navan can help to build added strength into your bite, making it much easier for you to consume and enjoy your food.

At Navan Dental we are always happy to help patients who live in the community that we serve to gain the perfectly aligned teeth that they are looking for. We want every patient we see to be able to enjoy a standard of oral health that they feel completely happy to live with on a day-to-day basis.

Different options available

When you think about the use of orthodontics Navan as a way to straighten your teeth you may conjure up images of teeth wrapped with wire braces. Many of us have come into contact with this type of alignment treatment by knowing others in our teenage years who were being treated in this manner. We want you to put these images out of your mind as modern alignment treatment is far different to what you may have known as a child, there are more discreet treatments available.

You may also feel that tooth alignment treatment is not really used to treat adult teeth when nothing could be further from the truth. In more recent years there has been a recognition that adults who may not have been willing to engage with tooth alignment treatment in the past are now actively coming forward and seeking treatment. However, this means their requirements to engage with treatment may be different to those of a teenager. This has led to the development of alignment treatments that are suitable for adults in every way.

Following treatment to have your teeth aligned, you should be able to attain a level of oral hygiene that you have thought would never be possible in your case, this is because your teeth should be far easier to fully clean when brushing. The knock-on effect of this should be that you have a noticeable reduction in the number of occurrences of common dental health issues such as plaque build-up or gum disease, this should also mean you will need to visit a dental practice less for treatment for common issues.

Moving forward

If you are trying to find out more about tooth alignment treatment then we want to encourage you to contact our dental practice to book an appointment at which we can discuss your options using orthodontics Navan with you.

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